Aron: Casket.

Chevra Kadisha: Holy Society. This is the group which prepares the deceased for burial with the ritual of tahara, and provides a shomer or shomrim as needed.

Chevra Kavod haMet: Society for Honoring the Dead.

A prayer sanctifying G-d that is recited during religious services. It is recited by mourners in memory of the deceased.

Shiva: Seven-day period of mourning following burial.

Shomer: Guard. Person who attends the body of the deceased from the time of death until burial.

Shomrim: Pl. shomer.

Shmira: The act of performing the service of shomer.

Tachrihim: Burial shrouds.

Tahara: Purification. This includes the ritual of washing, purifying, and dressing the deceased.